The Virtual CIO

vCIO has become the need for almost every organization whether growing or a big organization. Agdova can be your best vCIO because Agdova understands that bridging the gap between technology and the management is important.

It has helped many organizations in the past to remove all the barriers and communicate the things effectively among the different departments. Agdova’s Enterprise Architecture helps to effectively organize all the business activities of an organization.

The main challenge lies in realizing where the gap exactly is and then fulfilling the requirements in a way to fill the gap. Agdova has the solution to all your IT based problems.

Check out our various services that we are offering to various businesses.

Infrastructure Solutions

We aim at aligning both business and technology goals together, have control on operational costs, and focus more on performance as well as expect high ROI among the major.

How we manage the process?

Understanding the client’s entire business set up is very important and realizing what expectations from the technology does the client wishes within its business.

Software Solutions

Agdova has the best IT professionals and qualified as well as experienced software developers with expertise in different technologies. The team is proficient to work on different platforms and has the ability to develop customized software solutions as per the needs of the client.

Whether the client’s business demands Linux or Windows platform and software applications to be developed in .Net, PHP, or Java to name a few with Oracle or MS SQL as backend technologies, the team at Agdova is prepared to meet every challenge.

Web Solutions

Website is the need of an hour for every business. Designing aesthetic websites that are both user friendly and optimized for Google and other SEs is our forte.

We are also into SEO services. We make use of latest SEO tactics and methodologies and constantly keep our clients updated with the SEO reports.

While we design all types of websites based on client’s taste, we also offer graphic designing, stationary designing, etc.

Don’t forget to check our Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting services; we are good at that too.

Mobile Application Development

As the technology needs are growing so is our knowledge, proficiency and experience. We have developed many mobile applications now and have satisfied customers. The applications are compatible with mobile phones and tablets and either these applications can be downloaded or the devices come with pre-installed software.

Now you can also get the best mobile gaming experience because we design super-powered and animated games that can be enjoyed by people anytime.

3D and Video Animation

We started designing 3D videos and animated presentations because we aimed at delivering interactive presentations to our clients and also because we were sure that we could do it. We successfully did it for our ORPC client, and it was one of the best experiences for us so far and we feel it very important to mention that the video designed by us was also aired by Al Jazeera in the year 2012.

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